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Info on technical facilities

Links and contact info for technical facilities (microscopes and other equipment outside our labs). Last updated: 25/11/2013.

  • Electron microscopy and cryomicroscopy at UB: Contact: Carmen López (phone: 93-403-4860, email: Invoicing:
  • ICP-MS at LEITAT: Contact: Beatriz Guerrero (phone: 93-788-2300, email: Invoicing: Beatriz Guerrero &  Aleix Conesa (
  • Electron microscopy at ICN: Contact: Belén Ballesteros (phone: 93-737-1608, email: Invoicing: Belén Ballesteros.
  • Cell cultures at SCAC-UAB: Contact: Paqui García (phone: 93-581-8946, email: Invoicing: Paqui García & Esperanza Ramírez (
  • Electron microscopy at UAB: Contact: Emma Rossinyol (phone: 93-581-1516, email: Invoicing: Esperanza Ramírez (

Related to research and funding:

Participant’s portal: Official gateway from the European Commission for FP7 funding calls and applications.

QNano: A pan-European infrastructure for quality in nanomaterials safety testing

QNano webpage:

QNano Community Portal:

QNano TA administration:

Patents: links for patent search:

WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization):

EPO (European Patent Office):

NanoSafetyCluster: An EU initiative to maximize synergies between FP6 and FP7 projects on nanosafety

Nanowiki: Digital publication on nanotechnology news

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