Víctor Puntes interviewed by newspaper El Punt Avui

Prof. Víctor Puntes was interviewed by the Catalan newspaper El Punt Avui on its December 9 issue, in its traditional front cover section “L’Entrevista”.

In the article entitled “We will be able to determine whether one has cancer using breath” (“Amb l’alè es podrà saber si un té càncer de pulmó”), Prof. Puntes and journalist Lluís Martínez started discussing about nanotechnology, then moving to science in general, its promises and limits for the future.

Link to the online version of the article (in Catalan): http://www.elpuntavui.cat/noticia/article/2-societat/15-ciencia/600311-amb-lale-es-podra-saber-si-un-te-cancer-de-pulmo.html

[Download PDF]

Puntes by Josep Losada

Photo by Josep Losada (El Punt Avui)

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