Our group receives one of the funding awards from La Marató de TV3

Led by Prof. Puntes, our group partnered with Hospital Clínic to present a project for the last edition of the traditional Christmas fundraising telethon “La Marató de TV3”, whose efforts this time were focused on the regeneration and transplantation of organs and tissues. The project resulted among the 29 selected by La Marató, which formally presented the awards last November 5. The news report from TV3 can be found here:


We participated with the project “Cerium oxide nanoparticles as a new therapeutic tool for tissue regeneration in liver diseases”, coordinated by Dr. Wladimiro Jimenez from the Biomedical Diagnostic Center from Hospital Clínic. Our group will contribute with its expertise in cerium oxide nanoparticles, which preliminary results and applications in other areas indicate that are potentially useful in this case due to their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

La Marato de TV3

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