Our participation in the First Workshop on NanoMedicine UAB-CEI

The group recently participated in the First Workshop on NanoMedicine organized by the UAB-CEI, held in the UAB Campus in Bellaterra (Barcelona), on June 5. This local initiative also had the institutional support of ICN.

Several members of our group presented their recent work:

  • Eudald Casals, “The inorganic nanoparticle biomolecular corona. Formation, evolution and biological impact”.
  • Lorena García, “A simple method for the preparation of cationic gold nanoparticle bioconjugates for cell penetration”.
  • Jordi Piella, “Gold nanoparticles as drug delivery agents for cancer therapy”.
  • Ngoc Tran, “Size-controlled synthesis and functionalization of large gold nanoparticles”.
  • Sofía Rubio, “Synthesis, surface modification and immunological properties of Peptide-conjugated gold nanoparticles”.

Further information can be found here:


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