Our participation in the NanoTOES Conference

The NanoTOES EU-FP7 project, in which we are partners, recently organized a conference on the “Need for new biological assays for new nanomaterials”. The event took place in Dublin, Ireland, on July 10-11, and several members of our group participated with poster contributions:

  • Ngoc Tran (NanoTOES Marie Curie Fellow), “Inorganic nanoparticles-protein corona: formation and controlling factors“.
  • Sofía Rubio, “Synthesis, Surface Modification and Immunological properties of Peptide-conjugated Gold Nanoparticles“.
  • Joan Comenge, “Gold Nanoparticles as Drug Delivery Agents for Cisplatin: Avoiding Side Effects of Chemotherapy“.

The meeting was an excellent ocassion to discuss closely with many of the top European experts on nanosafety and bio-nano interactions. In addition, the conference was held next to another mega event, the EuroScience Open Forum 2012, also held in Dublin at this time. This turned out to be a great opportunity to all the members of the group who attended many of the multiple talks on the future and impact of science in society, science policy, industry-academia relations, Nobel lectures, etc.



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