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The nanoworld is a beautiful world, and we love diving and digging into it. We always enjoy participating in scientific photography exhibitions and gatherings, and in other art+science projects that spring out of passionate creativity. Here are some recent examples, if you have the chance, please check out this wonderful material – personally or virtually.

  • Nanautia. In 2004, before joining ICN(2), Víctor Puntes and collaborators generated a a beautiful combination of Art and Science through their project Promenade in Nanoland, creating animations from microscopy images of the nanoscale. This concept was revisited in 2006 in the video project “Nanautia”, once portraying the exploration of the nanoworld through art and fantasy:
  • NanoForest (NanoBosc). In 2010, we joined forces with the SecondLife programmer Ux Hax to create a virtual nanoworld in SecondLife, a fantastic nanoforest and then into our Inorganic Nanoparticles Lab. You can find a nice review of the project in this post from a visitor, and also in this other post. Although the creation is no longer available at SecondLife, in 2012 we filmed a video recording the life of this 3D virtual nanoworld: Enjoy!
  • “That You Do Research On, What Is It For?” (“Aixo Que Investigues Per A Que Serveix?”). Photo-exhibition organized by the Asociación Catalana de Comunicación Científica (ACCC), September-December 2011, in Barcelona (Spain). []
  • “The memory of oblivion” (“La memoria del olvido”). Art exhibition organized by AC Gallery, September-October 2011, in Madrid (Spain). [Gallery link][news link]
  • FOTCIENCIA national contest. (Certamen nacional de fotografía científica CSIC-FECYT). Taking photos, processing them, selecting and deciding a title, always as a group, we has participated of this well known national scientific photography contest, which certainly gathers the most beautiful images from the micro and macro lab worlds. We were particularly honored by receiving the First Prize in the Micro(scale) Category during the 8th Edition (2010), for our work entitled “Noche estrellada de Van Gogh (Sterrennacht)” (Van Gogh’s Starry Night). []

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