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Escolab [http://www.escolab.cat/]

These are open-lab sessions, talks and mini-workshops for undergraduate students organized yearly by the Catalan Government (typically February to May). Virtually all research centers in the area participate, offering a magnificent “testing of real scientific work” to the students. We have participated in the 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 editions, offering open-lab visits of about 40 minutes, guided by very enthusiastic postdocs and PhD students from our lab.



This is a program of short-term (1-2 months) internships for pre-selected secondary school students interested in science, organized and supported by CatalunyaCaixa. The students engage directly in scientific research guided by and collaborating with senior researchers that at least already hold a PhD degree.

Past Joves i Ciència students at our group

  • Semiconductor nanoparticles for applications to energy: Blanca Puche Perna (summer 2013)
  • Applications of nanomaterials to energy: Javier Benedicto Serrano (summer 2012)
  • Study of the mineralization of pollutants using nanoparticles for water purification: Laura Boix (summer 2011)
  • Waste water remediation of Hg(II) and As(III) with Au and Fe3O4 nanoparticles: David Casas Vidal (summer 2010)



Dissemination talks, debates, articles, and interviews.

We believe that communicating to non-scientific people is necessary for bringing nanotechnology closer to everyone, specially industry and young students. We thus aim to spread our knowledge on nanoscience, nanotechnology and nanomaterials, and explain it to all audiences. Along this line, we have several publications in science dissemination magazines, and Prof. Víctor Puntes has been invited to give a talk in many dissemination and science communication events. Moreover, he and other members of our group have participated of several interviews in radio and TV, and contributed to a variety of events and exhibitions, including giving talks along with experimental demonstrations in high schools of the Barcelona area.

Our articles in science dissemination magazines:


    • El Hospital Nano, Investigacion y Ciencia, February 2018
    • Nanobosques, científicos humanistas y el futuro de las sociedades según Víctor PuntésInvestigación y Ciencia, June 2015
    • C. López, A. Sánchez, V. Puntes, Nanopartículas inorgánicas. Riesgos y beneficios ambientales. Investigación y Ciencia, 437, 12-14, February 2013 (link)
    • A. Gatti & V. Puntes, Scientists still wondering – Industry already selling. NANO Magazine, 12, 28–30 (2009).
    • V. Puntes & A. Garcia Hom, Nanopanic or Nanoeuphoria?: Nanoinfo. Mètode, 63, 74–79 (2009).
    • V.F. Puntes, Cobalt nanostructures. Investigación y Ciencia, 332 (2004).
    • V. F. Puntes & J. Esteve Pujol, Nanoparticles: inorganic molecules. Revista de Física, 24 (1), 38–42 (2003).

You can find more details on our dissemination activities here.

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